Zendure SuperBase V is the ultimate powerhouse

Zendure SuperBase V


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Zendure has launched the most impressive power plant with up to 3000W solar input, EV charging capability and the ability to pool up to 64kWh of total power. strength.

SuperBase V by Zendure is a massive power plant that can be expanded and moved. During the crowdfunding campaign, she successfully raised over five million dollars. And it's already available for pre-order.

It has its own 6.4kWh battery, although add-on modules can be stacked together to increase capacity to an impressive 64kWh. Zendure calls it a semi-solid battery that offers higher storage density.

Zendure says it's the first home system to use this semi-solid-state design. The cells have a 42% higher energy density compared to typical lithium-ion batteries. They are not only denser, but also safer, as they are more resistant to damage.

More than-enough-in-and-outs

< p>SuperBase V has no shortage of available inputs and outputs, making it the ideal solution for almost any situation.

Zendure SuperBase V Inputs

There are multiple USB-C, USB-A and AC ports for outputs to charge or power all your devices. It also has a 220V output, allowing it to power high power devices such as a well pump or other common household appliances.

Zendure SuperBase V modules can be stacked for increased capacity

On the input side, it can handle up to 3000W of solar energy, allowing it to be charged. in just an hour in direct sunlight. You can also use a regular AC adapter for power or an EV level 2 charger.

Additional Features

C with that much power, it's amazing how portable the SuperBase V is. It has four wheels, making it easy to move around your home, campsite, or office. The V6400 is even equipped with drive wheels, allowing it to move around on its own.

Key features of Zendure SuperBase V

SuperBase V can be controlled with the included app, which allows you to keep track of all your power needs . It can display real-time power consumption and APP input with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

If that's not enough, Alexa integration lets you ask the Amazon smart assistant the status of your power plant, turn off its navigation lights, or change the color of your navigation lights.

SuperBase V is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. While this is a crowdfunding campaign and does not guarantee delivery. Zendure has a very good reputation for supplying its products.

The entry-level 4.6kWh ZuperBase V4600 is available for $2,499 and the more advanced SuperBase V6400 is available for $3,799.

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