YouTube is testing a video queue on Android and iOS; here's how to turn it on

“Add to Queue” is already available on YouTube and is currently being tested for Android and iOS apps.

Currently &# 8220;Save to view later” or “Save to playlist” this is how you can go back to what you don't want to view right away. However, these two options are more permanent and keep content in your library, so you need to delete it manually after watching it. 

The queue is more temporary and YouTube mobile apps are finally getting it. After going live, in the additional menu with three dots next to the video (YouTube short videos do not apply), a new item will appear “Play last in queue” option at the very top of the list.

Once selected, YouTube will create a queue at the bottom of the screen. This panel will allow you to drag to change the viewing order, as well as delete by swiping left. There are also repeat and shuffle options. Scrolling/closing the miniplayer clears the queue.

If you play something, it will be automatically added to the queue and can be moved back. This feature (“Arrange hours to watch”) is prominently advertised as a “Premium feature”

How to test the YouTube queue

Testing today is also only available to paid YouTube Premium subscribers.

In the Android or iOS app, tap your profile picture in the upper right corner > Settings > Try new features. Once enabled, the app may take a few minutes to load the feature. Force stop/close can help speed up this process. 

The YouTube queue for Android and iOS will be available for testing until January 28th. extends the testing period.

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