Woman fell into backyard toilet while trying to retrieve her Apple Watch (not The Onion)

Here's a story I never thought I'd write. Apparently, a northern Michigan woman dropped her Apple Watch in her backyard toilet and got stuck in it while trying to retrieve the device. If you thought you were having a bad day…

An unpleasant situation occurred on Tuesday in the northern Michigan town of Bagley. The woman was at the Department of Natural Resources boat launch on Lake Dixon, but the situation quickly took a turn for the worse.

According to the Associated Press, a woman dropped her Apple Watch in a toilet in her yard, and then she got the wise idea to try to get it back herself. She ended up falling into the toilet and found she couldn't get out.

An ambulance was called to the scene when passers-by heard a woman screaming for help from the toilet. Upon arrival, they were able to rescue the woman by removing the toilet and using a belt to pull her out.

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I never thought I'd write this story, and I bet the Michigan State Police never thought they'd write a statement like this: “If you lose something in the restroom during courtyard, do not try to get inside the containment zone. This could result in serious injury.”

Good news? Local news reports that the woman actually emerged from the backyard toilet with an Apple Watch in tow.

It is unknown what model of Apple Watch the woman is using. I'm guessing that if she was willing to go to such extreme lengths to get it back, it's a solid gold Apple Watch worth around $20,000. Or maybe she was paranoid about losing a series of moves with the Apple Watch.

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