Widespread reports of iPhone 15 overheating with temperatures up to 116F

There are widespread reports of the iPhone 15 overheating, apparently across all models. Measurements taken with an infrared camera show temperatures as high as 116F.

The issue appears to be affecting all four iPhone 15 models, with some owners reporting their phones are getting too hot to handle even keep without a case, including 9to5Mac. Ian Zelbo…

Some users, such as Zelbo, have reported problems when charging via a wired connection.

My iPhone 15 Pro Max is currently too hot to touch while fast charging. I thought people were exaggerating, but no, it's not great.

Interestingly, if I hold it, the left side rail and a bit of the back of the left side is what is by far the hottest… matching the motherboard perfectly.

After 70% battery charge, it seems to have cooled down significantly (still hot, but feels comfortable in the hand). 25-60% was the worst to date.

However, others have reported the same problem without charging, including when using the phone for relatively simple tasks such as browsing social media.

It should be noted that the iPhone often gets warm during the first 24 hours after installation. Especially when setting up from a previous phone or from an iCloud backup, a lot can happen in the background during this period: reinstalling applications, re-indexing, etc.

However, the reports we're seeing, including from reviewers who got early access to the phones, go well beyond this initial setup period.

Korean YouTuber BullsLab did some testing with the Forward-Looking InfraRed (FLIR) camera. , also known as a thermal imaging camera. They provide a visual representation of detected temperatures, and some models, including the one he used, are capable of displaying actual measured temperatures.

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When we first received our phones, my wife reported that her 15 Pro Max was irritatingly warm. I assumed that this was probably due to background tasks after the migration and that the situation should improve by the next day.

It seems that this has been confirmed.

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In its tests it reached temperatures of up to 46.7C, which is 116F – although admittedly this was during demanding use (tests and games).

However, many people encounter less severe versions of the problem even when performing very simple tasks, like Aamir Siddiqui from Android Authority.

During long usage sessions, often when switching between chat applications and watching videos on Instagram. The phone heats up in the space on the right side, at the bottom of the camera island. This is without gaming, without being connected to the network and over Wi-Fi, so the heating is inexplicable.

Looking at the X reports, it seems that the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a lot of features, but this there may be selection bias: the flagship model was likely the choice of many who are keen enough to place their orders quickly enough to get launch day delivery.

You're experiencing iPhone 15 overheating issues ? Please take our survey and tell us more in the comments.

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