WhatsApp launches voice chats for large groups

by Tim Hardwick

WhatsApp is rolling out a new group voice chat feature that allows users to start voice calls without disturbing everyone in the group.

Previously, in WhatsApp group chats, the only option was to start a voice call that called each group member. If no one joins, the call will not take place.

In contrast, voice chats can be initiated in a group without anyone joining, and users are prompted to join discreetly via a silent push notification. This feature is available for WhatsApp groups with 33 to 128 members.

Group members not participating in the voice chat can see who is active in a call from the chat header and the Calls tab, and people can join. or leave at any time. If an encrypted chat remains empty for 60 minutes, it will automatically close.

As noted by WABetaInfo, the feature is now available for iOS and Android users who have installed the latest WhatsApp update from the App Store and Google. Play Store accordingly.

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