watchOS 10 changes the way you customize the Metropolitan Apple Watch watch face

A new Apple Watch software update changes the way you access Control Center and adds a new Smart Stack widget feature.

These changes in watchOS 10 mean there are some changes to how you interact with certain watch faces.

One example is the Wayfinder watch face . on Apple Watch Ultra. Rotating the Digital Crown allows you to switch between Normal and Night mode in watchOS 9.

Starting with watchOS 10, rotating the Digital Crown on your watch face lets you scroll widgets all the way to the app launch screen.

Apple has moved the night mode switch to the standard watch face customization interface, while adding a new automatic option.

Metropolitan is another recently introduced watch face. Unlike Wayfinder, Metropolitan is available on all Apple Watch models running watchOS 9 or later.

This watch face allows you to customize the color scheme, the appearance of the watch face, color options, and the difficulty of personalizing its appearance.

Something of a hidden feature is the ability to customize the appearance of the numbers on the watch face . Rotating the Digital Crown adjusts how tall and narrow or compact and wide the numbers on the Metropolitan watch face are.

Again, watchOS 10 displays rotating the Digital Crown to bring up the Smart Stack widget. Unlike the Night Mode on the Wayfinder watch face, Apple hasn't moved this hidden feature into the watch face customization. Instead, it's a little more hidden than before.

Starting with watchOS 10, a new way to customize the appearance of the numbers around the watch face requires you to first press somewhere inside the watch face.

This eliminates complications outside the watch face, as well as clock hands inside the watch face. From here, rotating the dial again will customize the appearance of the Metropolitan numerals.

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