VMware Fusion 13 Now Available Natively Supporting Apple Silicon Macs

VMware Fusion 13 Now Available with Native Support for Apple Silicon MacsFriday, November 18, 2022 at 11:49 AM PST by Julie Clover

VMware today announced the release of Fusion 13, the latest major update to its Fusion virtualization software. For those unfamiliar with Fusion, it is designed to allow Mac users to manage virtual machines to run non-macOS operating systems such as Windows 11.

Fusion 13 Pro and Fusion 13 Player are compatible with Intel Mac and Apple computers. silicon Macs equipped with M-series chips offer native support. VMware has been testing support for Apple Silicon for months ahead of the launch of the latest version of Fusion.

With Fusion 13, Intel and Apple Silicon Mac users can access Windows 11 virtual machines. Intel Macs offer full support for Windows 11, and Apple Silicon, according to VMware, represents the first set of features for Windows 11 on the Arm platform.

VMware tools enable virtual graphics and networking, and more. still ahead. With certified and signed drivers, Windows 11 looks fantastic and the resolution can be adjusted to 4K and beyond! Please note that Fusion on Apple Silicon must run the Windows 11 Arm variant and does not support the Windows x86/Intel version.

Users who need to run traditional win32 and x64 applications can do so with built-in emulation.

Fusion 13 also includes a TPM 2.0 virtual device that can be added to any virtual machine, storing content in the virtual machine's encrypted file partition and providing tpm hardware and feature parity. . To support this feature, Fusion 13 uses a type of fast encryption that encrypts only those parts of the VM that are needed to support the TPM device for performance and security reasons.

The software supports OpenGL 4.3 in Windows VMs and Linux based on Intel processors. and in Linux Virtual Machines on Apple Silicon.

Fusion 13 Player is free for personal use, and commercial licenses for both versions are available at a 30% launch discount. VMware Fusion 13 Player is $104.30 and VMware Fusion Pro is $139.30. Upgrades from previous versions are also available at a lower price.

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