Vivaldi 6.0 web browser introduces tab workspaces and custom icons

Tim Hardwick

Vivaldi web browser released its sixth major release this week, adding a new Workspaces feature and custom icons and themes to a highly customizable Mac app.

Similar in functionality to virtual desktops, the new Workspaces feature is designed to further enhance powerful browser tab management by allowing users to organize tabs by category into separate workspaces. areas and easily switch between them.

For example, users can create workspaces for work, social networks, news, and shopping, and then open the corresponding tabs in these workspaces, which allows you to switch between different sets of tabs and organize workflows.

Workspaces can also be used in conjunction with tab stacks (similar to Safari's tab groups). Vivaldi provides an example of supporting the Sports workspace and having stacks for Football, Cricket, Racing and Tennis to organize the tabs.

Also, workspaces support the Vivaldi tab. A tiling feature that allows users to view multiple tabs in a split screen or grid within workspace groups.