Use Option-click on the desktop to hide unwanted applications


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Easily focus on the Finder while hiding everything else on your Mac screen with just two clicks on macOS.

If you're in the Finder and there are a lot of other application windows on your desktop, it can be difficult to focus on just that Finder window. If you are looking for a file and there is too much on the screen, you can start minimizing all other windows, but this may take a while.

However, you can make it clear by pressing a few keys and clicking the mouse.

Simply hold down the Option+Command keys on your keyboard and click anywhere on the Finder desktop. Once clicked, all other application windows will temporarily disappear from view.

Alternatively, you can Option-click on the desktop to hide just the frontmost app.

Even though these apps have been removed from the desktop, they still run in the background, so you don't have to worry about losing any work. However, instead of bringing back all open windows, you can take advantage of this feature to bring up only the most useful windows.

To bring back the windows of any application, simply press Command-Tab to scroll through the open applications to the desired one, then release the keys. The selected application will be brought back to the front with all its windows.

You can also click an application's icon in the dock to open all windows for that application.

The Option-Desktop-click trick isn't known to many Mac users, but it's a quick and efficient way to instantly tidy up your desktop.

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