Use GarageBand to remix Zedd's “Clarity” for his tenth anniversary

Remix 'Clarity' in GarageBand


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Musician Zedd talks fans about remixing his song “Clarity” with GarageBand in a new Apple Music promo.

“Clarity (feat. Foxes)” has been added to Apple Music via Spatial Audio to celebrate its 10th anniversary. So its creator, Zedd, has created a video where fans show you how to remix a song in GarageBand.

The exercise is available for download in the GarageBand sound library. Just open the app and create a new project, choose Sound Library, then choose the Zedd project.

Instruments and vocals are already separated and ready to be moved in this project. Add loops, synthesize vocals, or freely change the playback order.

The song “Clarity” can be listened to in Apple Music in Spatial Audio by any paid subscriber. To listen to Spatial Audio tracks, you must listen to them using the selected AirPods or Beats by Dre headphones.

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