Upcoming 17.1 software will improve conversation on the original HomePod and HomePod mini

Posted by Julie Clover

With HomePod Software Update 17.1 due out in the near future, Apple is bringing Enhance Dialogue support to HomePod mini and the original ‌HomePod‌.

Dialogue Enhancement is a feature designed to increase voice volume so dialogue is easier to hear rather than effects and actions. and music in a film or television show. This feature works when ‌HomePod‌ or ‌HomePod mini‌ connects to Apple TV and is used as an audio output option.

Enhance Dialogue was previously available on ‌HomePod‌ second generation, and this feature was first introduced in tvOS 17. With tvOS 17.1 and ‌HomePod‌ software 17.1, Enhance Dialogue can be enabled on any ‌HomePod‌ (or a set of HomePods) connected to ‌Apple TV‌ 4K.

You can turn on Dialogue Enhancement by playing a TV show or movie, accessing the playback controls with your Siri Remote, and selecting Dialogue Enhancer using the Audio Options button. It can be enabled for all content by going to Settings > Video and audio > Improved conversation.

Apple today released the final beta version of ‌HomePod‌ 17.1, and should be released as early as next week along with iOS 17.1 and tvOS 17.1.

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