Two years later, Apple still hasn't started construction on its massive North Carolina campus.

The campus will be near Raleigh, North Carolina

New report examines Apple's very slow progress on campus in North Carolina, the company announced more than two years ago, and it's unclear why Apple is dragging its feet.

The Wake County, North Carolina campus was rumored as early as 2018, but was announced in April 2021. Since then, Apple has made small investments in the project instead of the expected large and rapid leaps.

“Things are moving very slowly on the complainant’s side,” The News & Wake County Representative; Observer on Thursday. “I thought it would be much further.”

This is a change from the Austin, Texas facility. After announcing in 2018 that it would build a second campus in the area, the company began operations within a month of signing the deal. And the expansion of this facility has already begun.

Apple's North Carolina plan is huge

The proposed Triangle campus, when completed, will span 281 acres. It will include commercial offices, parking, streets and a central utility facility.

The campus, built on four undeveloped forested lots near Cary and Morrisville, is expected to cost $552 million. Apple requested about 700,000 square feet for office space, another 190,000 square feet for support structures and nearly 3,000 square feet for parking.

Six buildings will be erected during the initial construction phase, with new buildings possibly added in the future.

In May 2023, a collection of site plans, including a map, was sent to Wake County.

Apple has committed to within the next The campus will employ at least 2,700 people within decades, with that number expected to eventually increase to 3,000. Starting in 2021, Apple leases an office building on the MetLife campus in Cary.

The company has an agreement with the government for a Jobs Investment Grant that could provide Apple with more than $845 million in payroll tax benefits through 2061, provided the company meets its goals on hiring and investment. Apple's failure to create at least 126 new jobs in the state by the end of 2023 could result in the company losing eligibility for government benefits.

It is unknown how many Apple employees are currently on staff. The company currently leases office space, and hiring volumes do not depend on the facility being built.

Apple's $905.4 million investment commitment to the state includes construction of a new facility in Wake County and an expansion of Apple's data center in Catawba County. Apple is not required to fulfill this investment commitment until the end of 2031 to avoid defaulting on the grant.

The company already operates a data center in the state, has solar farms and several Apple Stores.

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