Two Mysterious Macs Appear in Steam Hardware Review

M2 chip and MacBook model


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A pair of unreleased Macs appear to have appeared in the Games Showcase Steam Hardware Review, listings that could be new incoming M2 Mac models.

Valve's Steam frequently hosts hardware surveys where users allow their hardware configurations to be submitted anonymously to find out what computers their customers are using. In one recent poll, it appears that some unannounced Mac has appeared on the list.

The November 2022 OS X Hardware Model Review includes a list of typical model IDs across the range, but includes two exceptions. Since the percentage of users is too low for Valve to report, there are listings for “Mac14.6” and “Mac15.4”.

The listings, MacRumors pointed out, could potentially be new Macs on the horizon, and it's not the first time it's appeared for one of them. A reference to “Mac14.6” was discovered in Apple code in July, along with “Mac14.5” and “Mac14.8”.

November 2022 Steam Hardware Review with two cryptic Mac listings.

In November, Geekbench results surfaced for a device identified as “Mac14.6” with what appeared to be a 96GB RAM configuration. It also ran an Apple M2 Max with a 12-core processor running at 3.54GHz.

It's possible that the Steam poll listings are genuine, as it's likely that Apple engineers are using the storefront for testing purposes. However, there is also the possibility that the list is fabricated by someone who wants to include the rumored equipment on the list.

Apple is expected to prepare more Mac models based on the M2. The launch is expected no earlier than the first months of 2023.

M2 models expected to stream, possibly running M2 “Max” or M2 “Pro”, with updates for Mac mini, 16″ MacBook Pro and 14″ MacBook Pro being favorite to launch .

One of the highly anticipated models is the new Mac Pro, the latest in the catalog for which there is no Apple Silicon option, but it's more likely that the Steam listings refer to one of the other, more popular models. .

Other Mac-related Steam hardware details include a near-even distribution of Apple Silicon and Intel chip usage, 8GB of memory being the most popular configuration, and at least 26% of Steam users running macOS Ventura on their Mac.

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