Twitter will charge $11 per month for Twitter Blue on iPhone and $7 on the website

Julie Clover

Twitter plans to charge $11 a month for a Twitter Blue subscription on iPhone to account for the 30 percent discount Apple receives from in-app purchases, according to The Information. Online, Twitter Blue will cost $7 per month.

Before Twitter Blue was suspended, Twitter charged $7.99 per subscription, but the price will change until the relaunch. According to the information, some employees have been briefed on the new pricing, but Twitter CEO Elon Musk is known for making hasty decisions, so it's not yet clear if plans can change.

Higher price. on ‌iPhone‌ would allow Twitter to give Apple a 30 percent share of in-app purchase revenue without significantly reducing Twitter's profits. The price difference is likely to encourage most customers to subscribe online, allowing Twitter to avoid paying for in-app purchases.

Other companies, such as Spotify, have charged higher prices on the ‌iPhone‌ than on the Internet, but this often leads to confusion for consumers who don't understand why prices differ by device. Apple has no problem with companies charging more for in-app subscriptions than on the web.

Twitter Blue's price change comes after a brief dispute between Twitter and Apple. Last week, Musk criticized Apple's App Store commission and claimed that Apple had “threatened to ban Twitter from its ‌App Store‌”, but he later denied the claim after meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Musk and Cook met at Apple Park, after which Musk said that they had a “good conversation” and that there was a “misunderstanding” about the possible removal of Twitter from the ‌App Store‌.

Twitter plans to restart Twitter Blue on Friday. Twitter Blue subscriptions have been suspended after Musk ticked the confirmation box on Twitter Blue, allowing businesses, celebrities and other dignitaries to impersonate anyone who can spend $8. Twitter Blue has been unavailable since Nov. 11.

After the relaunch, Twitter Blue is expected to include different icon colors for corporations, government accounts, and individuals, as well as username change restrictions and registration limits. for new accounts.

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