Twitter Relaunches Verified with Manual Authentication


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Elon Musk says Twitter will pre-bring back a series of color-coded “Verified” labels with manual verification of applicants.

Elon Musk's plan to simply put a blue “Verified” checkmark on any Twitter user willing to pay has failed as much as anyone could and did predict. After a flood of fake accounts for comedic purposes began, or worse, the plan was abandoned.

Now Musk has announced that he plans to bring it back as part of a new and more complex system.

Elon Musk's Twitter Announcement

Responding to a question about the idea of ​​using “gold check for companies, gray check for government, blue check for individuals”, Musk briefly explained.

“All verified individuals will have the same blue tick,” he tweeted, “because otherwise the boundaries of what constitutes 'noticeable' are too subjective.”

“People can have an additional tiny logo showing they belong to an organization if that organization certifies it,” Musk continued. “Detailed explanation next week.”

It is then unclear whether there should actually be four “verified” checkboxes if the verified person is also confirmed to be working with a verified company. It's also unknown if you'll have to pay for all or some of the new checkboxes.

Despite stating that “all verified accounts will be authenticated manually,” Musk did not say how this could be done. Previously, Twitter may have had the staff to do this, but Musk is laying off a huge number of employees before launching a new hiring campaign around Nov. 22.

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