Twitter Chaos Continues: Epic Trolling and New Blue Ticks Only for iPhone Owners

The chaos on Twitter continues unabated as new owner Elon Musk continues to make things up as he goes.

Musk said today that the introduction of “the new proven Blue” is currently limited to iPhone owners only, and that new accounts are banned from applying for Twitter Blue following the epic trolling …

Twitter Chaos Over Verification

Twitter's blue checkmark used to mean the company had verified the identity of the account owner, and that they were “famous” somehow — which basically meant there was a risk of someone impersonating them to fool people or spread misinformation.

One of the first steps Musk took after became the owner of the company, there was an announcement that the Twitter Blue Subscription would give people a blue verified badge for $8 per month. However, no attempt was made to verify the identity of the followers.

Things went as anyone but Musk could have predicted, with a massive influx of fake “verified” accounts, many of which impersonate Musk himself. Other troll accounts available:

The fake Nintendo account also received over 11,000 retweets before being deleted two hours later, among many other examples. Understandably, many of the affected accounts were unhappy with this.

“The number of fake accounts impersonating me has increased five-fold in the last few days” tweeted best-selling author Kurt Eichenwald. “I'm not going to waste my time constantly looking for them and reporting them. I'm not going to fight the chaos you create. And I'm not going to pay extortion to get a pointless ‘I paid’ blue tick.”

Then there was a delay in launch until the midterm vote was over, and Musk threatened to permanently ban him for impersonating another person. Along with this, Twitter has launched a new gray “Official” icon for some accounts with “deprecated” blue checkmarks – a policy that lasted several hours.

When it was pointed out that the blue checkmark still indicates a noteworthy account, this was changed so that icons earned through a Twitter Blue subscription would indicate that. This means you will need to click on the blue checkmark to see why it was awarded.

Twitter entries can't get ticked

In response to the trolls, Engadget noticed that the company has now banned new accounts from buying Twitter Blue subscriptions to get ticked.

Last night, the company edited the service's help page to add that accounts created on or after November 9, 2022 “will not be able to follow Twitter Blue right now.” 

Only iOS users can get “verified Blue”

Musk tweeted today that at the moment only iOS users can get “verified Blue”

The rollout of the new proven Blue is intentionally limited to iOS only in a few countries with very little progress. We will expand globally across all platforms as we fix issues.

Existing Twitter Blue followers are reported to be unsubscribing and some are unable to re-follow the new version.

Remote work is not allowed on Twitter


Musk also told Twitter employees that they can no longer work remotely, according to Bloomberg.

The new owner of Twitter Inc. employees for the first time late Wednesday night to prepare them for the “hard times ahead” and ban remote work unless he personally approved it […]

The new rules, effective immediately, will expect employees He added that he must be in the office at least 40 hours a week. p>

This is likely to trigger more layoffs as countless polls show that software engineers particularly value the quiet, uninterrupted time they get while working from home. tweet via payment platform.

Photo: JJ Shev/Unsplash

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