Twitter Blue will cost more on iPhone than via browser


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Twitter is reportedly planning to charge $7 per month for its Twitter Blue subscription, but the company wants to offset the fees and will charge users more per month through App store.

Twitter Blue is expected to resume from Friday with a controversial verification system.

According to The Information, some Twitter employees have been told that the subscription service will be restarted with new pricing. Instead of the previous fixed rate of $8, he will have two price points.

For users who purchase a subscription through their iPhone and make in-app purchases on the App Store, it will cost $11 instead. The difference will likely be to cover Apple's 30% first year commission on in-app purchases.

Apple charges a 15% fee on a subscription if it is maintained for a full year. It is not yet known if this will reduce the monthly iPhone fee to $9 per month after the first year.

Elon Musk has previously opposed the App Store commission as part of a complaint that Apple is cutting ads on Twitter.

It's not clear if Apple has actually suspended spending on Twitter ads. However, there have been speculations as to whether Apple and Google might remove Twitter from their app stores due to its announced lack of moderation.

The European Union has warned Elon Musk that it will block or fine Twitter if content moderation does not comply with its future laws. Tim Cook, however, said he expects Twitter to keep its word on moderation.

Shortly after criticizing Apple's position on free speech, Tim Cook gave Musk a tour of Apple Park.

Musk subsequently stated that “Tim made it clear that Apple never considered” deleting Twitter.

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