tvOS 16.1 bug misidentifies new 128GB Apple TVs as 64GB models

A bug in tvOS 16.1 erroneously identifies new 128GB Apple TVs as 64GB models after a user used 64GB of storage.

A bug first discovered by FlatpanelsHD in a review of the new ‌Apple TV‌ and more recently, Mac World is bringing new ‌Apple TV‌ with 128 GB of memory to think that it has only 64 GB of memory when in fact it has twice as much memory. As soon as ‌Apple TV‌ exceeds 64 GB of used storage, users receive the following message when trying to download a new application: “The application cannot be installed because there is not enough space. Uninstall one or more apps, or manage your storage in settings.”

According to FlatpanelsHD, the bug is not fixed in the latest tvOS 16.2 beta. In the meantime, users affected by this bug are using ‌Apple TV‌ with 128GB of storage might try to queue enough downloads while their ‌Apple TV‌ breaks the artificial 64GB limit.

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