TSMC's Arizona plant will produce 4nm chips from 2024 at Apple's request

Eric Slivka

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, TSMC's $12 billion chip manufacturing facility currently under construction in Arizona will start producing 4nm chips as soon as it opens in 2024 thanks to the urging of Apple and others.


The plant was originally planned to start with 5nm chips, but as Apple and other companies increasingly look to sourcing components from the United States, TSMC has updated its plans to allow the plant to supply more. cutting-edge chips.

TSMC previously said it would produce 20,000 wafers a month at its Arizona plant, though production could increase from initial plans. Apple will use about a third of the output as production begins.

Apple and other major tech companies rely on TSMC for their chip manufacturing needs, and this change means they can get more of their processors. from USA. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously told employees that his company plans to source chips from the Arizona plant.

The new plans are scheduled to be announced in Phoenix next Tuesday along with President Joe Biden. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo and Apple CEO Tim Cook are expected to attend the event, along with AMD CEO Lisa Su and Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang.

In addition to TSMC's 4nm manufacturing, it is reported to officially announce plans for a second phase involving a neighboring facility that will produce even more advanced 3nm chips, the development of which was announced last week by TSMC founder Morris Chang.

Apple's latest chips are manufactured using a 5nm process . -nanometer process, and the transition to more advanced processes should lead to a significant increase in performance and energy efficiency. Apple is rumored to be using 4nm and 3nm processes for some of its upcoming M-series and A-series chips for use in Macs, iPads, iPhones, and more.

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