TrendForce predicts iPhone 15 Pro Max sales will account for 40% of purchases this year

Sales of the iPhone 15 Pro Max will account for 40% of all model purchases this year, according to forecasts from market research firm TrendForce.

It says the periscope lens unique to the top-tier model will be enough to drive consumer demand, despite a potential $100 price increase over last year's Pro Max. …

TrendForce predicts a successful launch for the entire iPhone 15 lineup, expecting 80 million units, up 6%. in the iPhone 14 lineup. However, it should be noted that supplies of the iPhone 14 Pro have been severely limited, with some early orders still being fulfilled in early 2023.

The firm expects last year's trend to continue. Pro models have proven to be more popular than base and Plus models. Overall, the two Pro models are expected to account for 60% of sales this year, and the Pro Max 40%.

In other words, for every 10 iPhone 15 models sold, four of them will be Pro Max, two of these will be Pros, with the remaining four split between entry-level and Plus variants.

If the iPhone 15 Pro Max does end up being twice as popular as the iPhone Pro, that would be great news for Apple, delivering an impressive average price .

The company says Apple has encountered production difficulties with this year's lineup, citing poor performance from the 48-megapixel sensors. and problems with the titanium-aluminum alloy frame.

However, it does say that Apple's suppliers are working on it and the problems with the Pro models will likely be fixed “quickly”; decided.

Photo: TheRegisti/Unsplash

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