Trashy Situation: Woman Dives into Toilet Mud to Take Apple Watch

Apple Watch

A Michigan woman who lost her Apple Watch needed help from a landfill.

Stories about the Apple Watch and rescue missions usually show that technology helps in some way, but not this time. Instead, it created a rather awkward and dangerous situation.

According to a report from USA Today, an unnamed woman in Michigan climbed into a trash can through a toilet in hopes of retrieving her Apple Watch. She managed to find him, but she couldn’t get back.

Pedestrians passing by heard her cries for help, and emergency personnel were called to the scene. They had to remove the toilet and lift her onto a belt.

The woman was not injured and is grateful to the rescuers who saved her.

This story had a happy ending, but going into the toilet is clearly dangerous. If readers find themselves in a similar situation, it is best to seek help from the appropriate authorities or abandon the device.

An Apple Watch can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars, but it's not worth your health. You won't find any extra life in this plumbing.

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