TP-Link expands HomeKit collection with new smart sockets and switches

New Kasa devices


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TP-Link announced new additions to its HomeKit-compatible Kasa ecosystem, including two smart light switches and a smart outdoor socket.

The company provides consumers with networking and smart home products, and its latest products help HomeKit users expand the functionality of their homes.

Kasa KS220 & Kasa KS200

Kasa KS220 is a Wi-Fi smart light switch and dimmer, while Kasa KS200 is the same without a dimmer. With the new products, users can use the Kasa app or Siri to set timers, schedule absences, and control lights, ceiling fans, and other appliances.

KS220 Smart Dimmer

Existing Kasa users can access advanced controls such as grouping with other Kasa devices. The KS220 also offers dimming: the lighting turns on with a single flick of a switch or fades out with a double flick.

Kasa KS220 is available on Amazon for $27.99. Buyers can buy the Kasa KS200 for $24.99.

Kasa EP40A

This product is an IP64 waterproof and dustproof outdoor plug that can withstand severe weather conditions. . It can fully integrate into the HomeKit ecosystem, allowing users to ask Siri to turn the lights on or off.

It provides long-range Wi-Fi coverage up to 300 feet without obstructions and consumes up to 1875W of power. The plug can support devices such as outdoor stoves and pool pumps.

EP40A outdoor waterproof smart socket

Like other Kasa smart sockets, EP40A can individually control two AC sockets, group control with other Kasa devices and set active away mode.

Casa EP40A is available on Amazon for $29.99.

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