Topdon TCView TC002 Review: A Disappointing Look at a Thermal Imaging Camera

Topdon TCView TC002 Review.

Topdon TCView TC002

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The Topdon TCView TC002 Infrared Camera promises to expand the iPhone's light-gathering capabilities by expanding the infrared portion of the spectrum, but it's not the best choice. Thermal imaging cameras are an invaluable tool for many people, including those who work in the HVAC, automotive, electronics and wildlife industries. Topdon promises that the TC002 is a lightweight, compact thermal solution that's the perfect complement to your iPhone on any job site, garage or woods where seeing the unseen is critical.

Topdon Review of TCView TC002 — characteristics and capabilities

The TC002 is plug-and-play, meaning users can take it out of the box, connect it to their iPhone, and automatically download the TopInfrared app from the App Store. Although the model we received has a Lightning connector, Topdon is releasing a USB-C version with an adapter to support the new iPhone 15 port.

See the invisible heat that is only visible in infrared .

According to Topdon, the TC002 has a resolution of 256×192 and an apparent temperature range of -4 to 1022 degrees F (-20 to 550 degrees C). The TC002's maximum tolerance is +/-3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C), providing a temperature accuracy of 40 millikelvins.

TC002 supports 11 color schemes, including black and white, deep blue, deep green, deep red and deep gold. Like other infrared cameras on the market, the TC002 has a 25Hz refresh rate and can take videos and photos.

In the TopInfrared app, users have a variety of controls, including zoom functions, contrast and brightness controls, picture-in-picture with dual lighting, and shutter control. The app even supports temperature monitoring, making it well suited for automotive work, HVAC diagnostics, and wildlife monitoring.

The TC002 comes with a decent quality semi-hard case, an extension for maneuverability, a cleaning cloth and a quick start guide. Initial impressions of the product were good, but upon closer inspection we found some disappointing aspects of the TC002.

You can see the gap when using the extension cable.

While the carrying case is great protection, the rest of the setup leaves a lot to be desired. desired. Firstly, the TC002's body is a mixture of aluminum and plastic, with the latter being the predominant material, especially around the sensor and Lightning connector.

Connecting the TC002 to an iPhone is also unsatisfying as there is a lot of side-to-side and back-and-forth playing. Likewise, braided cable has even more slack between connections on all sides, without a tight fit throughout the entire installation.

These issues have occurred on several iPhones, which doesn't bode well for other TCView models. Additionally, with the introduction of an adapter for iPhone 15 users, the fit may be even looser.

Topdon Review TCView TC002 &mdash ; High-quality images

Plumbers, HVAC technicians, home inspectors and wildlife enthusiasts all rely on high-quality infrared images to peer into a world beyond visible light and our eyes. TCView TC002 provides stable image quality and video recording capabilities despite occasional lag.

TC002 can display high quality infrared images.

The TC002 can sense light from approximately 8 to 14 micrometers with a pixel size of 12 micrometers, putting it on par with other infrared cameras. Images can be seen in near life-like detail, and the transparent dual illumination feature allows users to view both real and infrared images simultaneously.

In addition, we found the wide range of features available in the TopInfrared app to be useful for customizing the way images are rendered. The level of customization makes the TC002 infrared camera a practical addition to your birdwatching toolbox or accessories.

Topdon TCView TC002 – high price for infrared

Topdon offers a wide range of products, and the TCView TC002 is just one of many thermal camera options available from the brand. Although it has questionable build quality The TC002 almost makes up for it with a feature-rich app and high-quality picture.

However, at almost $300, we would have liked an all-aluminum body and tight, satisfyingly snap-in connections. Overall, this is a somewhat disappointing package.

Topdon TCView: pros

  • Decent image and video quality
  • Compact and lightweight packaging.
  • Comes with case and extension.

Topdon TCView: Cons

  • Questionable build quality
  • Extension cable is unsafe
  • No wireless capability
  • Expensive in comparison with other options

Rating: 2 out of 5

Where to buy Topdon TCView

You can buy Topdon TCView TC002 available at many retailers including Amazon, Shopify and eBay. Prices range from $240 to $299, depending on the retailer, but most retailers offer coupons or discounts.

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