Top 10 Features You Should Try in iOS 17

Are you ready to check out everything new in iOS 17? From the new Smart Display mode to Health features, interactive widgets, new Messages capabilities, real-time voicemail, offline Apple Maps, and more, here are the 10 best iOS 17 features you should try.

After beta testing from June to September, Apple officially released iOS 17 to everyone on September 18, a week after the presentation of the iPhone 15.

Although there are many more than 10 changes and new features in iOS 17. Here are some of them that may be the most interesting and useful.

Top 10 features to try in iOS 17

  1. Standby mode
  2. Contact us
  3. Live Voicemail
  4. Personal Voice
  5. Apple Offline Maps
  6. Share passwords with friends, family and colleagues
  7. Automatically delete iPhone 2FA codes
  8. Interactive widgets
  9. Messages, new interface and stickers
  10. Screen distance for healthy eyes
  11. Bonus: AirPods adaptive sound
  12. Bonus: AirPods adaptive sound
  13. Screen distance for eye health
  14. Bonus: AirPods adaptive sound
  15. li>

iPhone Standby

Apple is expanding the lock screen experience in iOS 17 this year with a new landscape standby mode for iPhone.

Some of the available options include customizable dual view settings, and others have different watch faces that take up the entire screen. You can also use third-party widgets in idle mode.

Full details can be found in our full step-by-step guide:

iOS 17 iPhone StandBy: how to use and set up the smart display feature

Contact Posters

Another convenient way to get more customization options in iOS 17 is to posters with contacts. There are many options for creating different designs, and you can create them both for yourself and for others.

Contact Posters for iOS 17: how to customize font, image and background

Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail makes it easy to know what you want answer a call while someone is leaving a message without calling them back.

iPhone Live Voicemail: how to use and enable/disable in iOS 17

Personal voice

Personal Voice is an impressive feature that allows users to save their voice in case they lose it in the future. For people with degenerative diseases or those who simply want to be prepared, Personal Voice makes it easy to create and securely store a copy of your voice.

Personal voice on iPhone: how to create your own using iOS 17

Apple Offline Maps

Want to save battery power or won't have a connection where you are going? In iOS 17, you can download Apple Maps for offline use.

iOS 17: How to download and use offline maps with Apple Maps

Shared Passwords

Exchanging passwords with anyone or any group is seamless thanks to the ability to create shared Link Vaults iCloud keys.

Share passwords on iPhone: how to use family passwords in iOS 17

Automatically delete 2FA codes

Simple and very useful iOS 17 can automatically delete 2FA code texts after , how you used them.

How to automatically remove 2FA code texts on iPhone with iOS 17

Interactive widgets

Widgets have received a good update, now their functionality is right on the main page screen or in the Screen lock. Here's a look at them in action with the Home app widget.

Hands-on: iOS 17 adds interactive widgets for the Home application

Message stickers and new UI

Instead of emoji replies being limited to six response options, in iOS 17 you can reply to any text or image using an emoji or a special sticker.

In addition, there is a new user interface for iMessage applications.

How to create and use iPhone message stickers on iOS 17

Screen distance

This is a new eye health feature that helps prevent eye strain when of all ages and helps reduce the likelihood of myopia in children.

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I have two problems with my new iOS 17 installation (on iPhone 12 Pro Max). I wonder if anyone else has encountered these problems and found a solution?

1. Apple Maps doesn't allow you to rotate or zoom while navigating to a location. More precisely, sometimes he lets me in, and sometimes he doesn’t. This is especially frustrating when I'm about to go out and try to reorient the map to figure out which street I need to take.

2. New People, Pets & A smart Places album where you can tag your pets in the Photos app. I still watch old People & Album of places. When I scroll down on this album, the “Add People” button turns gray and the message “Lock your phone and connect it to a power source to finish” appears. Locking your phone and plugging it into power doesn't seem to do anything.

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This is easy to set up and very effective.

iPhone screen distance in iOS 17 protects your eyes, here's how it works

AirPods Pro 2 Adaptive Audio

Okay, one bonus feature if you have AirPods Pro 2. iOS 17 is coming with a whole host of new features that truly feel like magic. Learn more about adaptive audio in AirPods Pro 2.

How enable AirPods Pro adaptive sound, how it works and much more

What do you think? What are your favorite iOS 17 features? Did I miss anything that you like? Share your thoughts in the comments!

For a deeper dive into everything new, watch my colleague Jeff's in-depth video!

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