Tim Cook visits Apple Watch Ultra strap manufacturer and Paralympians en route from Japan

Image credit: Tim Cook


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Apple CEO Tim Cook's trip to Japan ends with a visit to Apple Watch-wearing Paralympians and a stop at the factory responsible for mass-producing Alpine's iconic orange watch for Apple Watch Ultra. The loop.

It's been a busy week for Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Marketing Greg Joswiak. They traveled around Japan, visiting designers, musicians, and now watch band makers.

During the trip, they visited various Apple Stores and properties that Cook and Joz visited with employees and customers. Joz shared that he attended a Today at Apple session to learn tips and tricks for using the Apple Pencil.

Cook stopped at the training base where Paralympic athletes Daisuke Ikezaki and Shinichi Shimakawa trained. They showed off how they use the Apple Watch to take their wheelchair rugby workouts “to the next level,” which he tweeted.

Cook then drove to Fukui to visit the Inoue team, which makes straps for the Apple Watch Ultra. The photographs show how large pieces of material are passed through the machines.

Jose shared an image from the Apple Translate app, showing the message in both English and Japanese.

“It's been a great week in Japan to connect with students, developers, and creatives who use Apple products to do amazing things,” Joz said in a post. “Looking forward to coming back again.”

Looks like it's the last day of the Apple executives' trip, as Tim Cook ends his posts with a photo of the monastery. Apple executives often go on PR trips like this to promote their brand and partnerships on social media, so soon Cook and company will be on the road again.

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