TikTok is still your one-stop-shop for Apple crap.

iPhone System Storage never expires


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A man who claims to have worked at Apple before 2010 shares what he calls the company's “dirty secrets” — but, as you might expect, this is just conspiracy nonsense. That's why, and why we know.

One TikTok video shared by user @nabeel_co has reached 2.8 million views and continues to grow, alleging that Apple was using “System Data” storage on the iPhone as a planned obsolescence tactic. It has no real basis.

The user continues to make other claims based on their Apple history. Having said that the company really took care of speeding up the iPhone once, before the death of Steve Jobs. Now Apple seems to be profiting from the deliberate destruction of users' devices, so … more people are buying iPhones, he claims.

This statement is 100% pure nonsense.

When asked to add more dirt to Apple, he launched into a tirade about how AppleCare is being used to “cheat” customers into paying for defects. This unsubstantiated claim is clearly false as Apple tends to trade products for free under AppleCare. We've been on all sides of the equation, both as previous Apple representatives and as recipients of service swaps with and without AppleCare.

We're not sure why this TikTok creator latched on to Apple, perhaps under the influence of some Twitter CEO. However, it is clear that people love to hear something contradictory, no matter how easily their lies are debunked.

Even if this person is a former Apple employee, and we think he probably worked at the Apple Store for a while, the company has changed so much since he worked there over 12 years ago that it's unlikely that he knows how the company operates today. And the claims he makes about what the company was like back then are also wrong.

In one instance, he states that Apple has an internal policy against fixing bugs that cause users to update more frequently. We know beyond a doubt that this statement is a complete lie.

Why do we know that this is a complete lie? Because at AppleInsider, we too have experience working at Apple and supporting retail customers in its own retail stores and beyond. Our experience is not limited to the 00s — ours dates back to the 80's in independent dealers all the way to the 10's in retail, the specialists, service and support are constant, and that doesn't even include what we do here on a daily basis.

We can say with confidence, without fear of objection, that Apple has never had a policy of not fixing bugs that cause users to buy new hardware. And we suspect it never will.

System data and “Other”

Storing system data on iPhone — this is the space used by the device for caching and other processes. This is a flexible container that flushes data as the — device's memory fills up. this means there is no reason for the user to delete it manually.

However, there are ways to remove system data from their device. Users can uninstall unused apps, clear caches, or even restore data from a device backup. These steps are optional, but can give users peace of mind who are concerned about memory allocation.

@nabeel_co Replying to @poochiemcpooch original sound – nabeelr

A TikTok user keeps posting various posts full of, well, complete nonsense and lies. The most recent video contains information about iPhone battery life that is so fundamentally wrong that we don't know where to start looking at it.

Oh, wait. We have already done.

We at AppleInsider hope to be able to inform our readers of such misinformation. The concept of planned obsolescence is so broken that it only takes a moment of real, consistent thought to understand why it doesn't happen.

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