TikTok deepfakes: MrBeast, Tom Hanks, Gayle King; NYU professor calls for ban

Celebrities whose images were stolen have sparked a number of deepfakes on TikTok. They include MrBeast, Tom Hanks and Gayle King.

MrBeast's fake video claims viewers have been selected to receive an iPhone 15 Pro for just $2, leaving the YouTube star questioning whether social networks are prepared for deepfake fraud …

What is a deepfake?

What is a deepfake?

What is deepfake? h2>

A deepfake is a video that uses generative artificial intelligence to fake footage of a person, usually a celebrity, politician, or other public figure.

The best ones can usually look extremely convincing. combining real human videos with AI-generated mouth movements to match fake speech. The audio either combines real words and phrases from hours of source material, or creates realistic voice imitations based on the same training data.

It is clear that deepfakes have enormous potential for harm, from defrauding people out of money, to increasing authenticity hoaxes to political disinformation designed to influence election results.

TikTok deepfakes

NBC reports MrBeast example .

YouTube star MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, asks whether social media platforms are ready to deal with fake AI advertising after a fraudulent TikTok ad showed a deepfake of him offering a $2 iPhone.

“Many people see this fake scam ad with me” … Are social media platforms ready to handle the rise of AI-powered deepfakes? This is a serious problem,” he said. Donaldson posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. When asked for comment, Donaldson's rep referred NBC News to the post.

TikTok said it had removed the video and pointed to its policies requiring disclosure of synthetic or manipulated media.

CNET reports that Tom Hanks is another victim, with his image used to promote a dental treatment plan.

Tom Hanks is pretty recognizable whether he's holding a box of chocolates or not. in Forrest Gump or wears a spacesuit in Apollo 13. But if you see a dental insurance ad with his photo on it, look twice. In fact, this is not an Oscar-winning actor.

“Caution!” Hanks wrote on Instagram this weekend. “There is a video promoting some dental plan using an artificial version of me. I have nothing to do with this.

CBS Morning is also hosted by Gayle King.

King did a similar thing Instagram post on Monday.

“People keep sending me this video and asking me about this product and I have NO affiliation with this company,”” King wrote. “I posted this video promoting my radio show on August 31st (swipe to see original) and they manipulated my voice and video to make it seem like I was promoting it” I have never heard of or used this product! Please don't be fooled by these AI videos.”

NYU professor calls for TikTok to be banned

The broader controversy over the Chinese short-video app continues, with many fearing that algorithmically generated feeds could be used to feed pro-China and anti-Western content to users .

TNW reports that New York University professor Scott Galloway said at a conference in Helsinki that the app poses a national security threat.

Galloway called TikTok perhaps “the hottest tech company in history” – and a “threat to national defense” […] “They have put a neural plug into the internet space of our youth,” Galloway said […]

Galloway fears the CCP is brainwashing this audience. “If I were them, I would delicately, insidiously, stealthily, elegantly put my thumb on the anti-Western content dial and on the pro-China content dial,” he said.

Photo: Jacob Owens/Unsplash

Photo: Jacob Owens/Unsplash

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