Threads now has an edit button, and it's free

Meta's Twitter competitor, Threads, is now rolling out one of its most requested features, the edit button.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this afternoon that Threads will begin providing an edit button for all users starting today. This option will allow users to edit a post within a short time after it is published. For the first five minutes, the publication can be edited as much as you like, but after five minutes it is blocked.

The functionality works both in mobile applications and on the web and will appear in the near future. already for some users.

Notably, this functionality is free, but it is also more limited compared to the Twitter version, given the stricter time limits. Threads also don't display a history of edited posts, making it less obvious which posts have been edited. Rather, there is only an indicator of whether a message has been edited or not.

Today also introduced a new feature called Voice Threads. ; where users can attach an audio clip to a message. The functionality was demonstrated by Tom Warren, but it does not appear to be widely available yet (at least on Android).

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