This Mac app lets you link different Dock settings to different display settings.

MacOS provides several different options for customizing the Dock, such as repositioning, adjusting the size, and choosing whether to show or hide it. However, these settings cannot be associated with different display configurations.

HiDock is a new app from developer Rafa Conde that aims to solve this problem…

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This free download application allows you to set various Dock options related to different display configurations. This application will be most useful for MacBook users who are switching between clamshell mode and connecting to an external display, using only the built-in display and using both displays at the same time.

For example, you can position the dock your MacBook in a certain way when connected to an external display, and then automatically reposition when disconnected from that display and using only the built-in display. The app runs in the background and can optionally be added to your Mac's menu bar.

This is a simple macOS utility that Raf says he created based on his own needs and how he uses his MacBook:

HiDock is an application that allows you to set different Dock settings for different display configurations. I created this because I wanted the dock to be a little bigger and always visible when I'm on the big external display, but smaller and hidden when on my laptop.

You You can download HiDock for free from Rafa’s website. A few weeks ago, we also wrote about Hand Mirror, another app from the same developer that adds a one-click camera preview button to your Mac's menu bar.

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