This concept visualizes everything we want in the new HomePod.

Apple announced the HomePod back in February 2018. This means that the original HomePod is already five years old and the hardware has not been updated. Then, in March 2021, instead of giving us a new HomePod, Apple simply decided to discontinue the product entirely, keeping the HomePod mini as the only “smart” device. shelf speaker.

Although customers weren't big fans of the real “smart” The nature of the HomePod, buyers loved the sound it delivered in this form factor and the ability to connect two HomePods for amazing stereo surround sound. There have been rumors that 2023 could be the year Apple finally brings back its long-lost HomePod mini sibling with a much-needed update.

>HomePod Max?

Parker Ortolani posted earlier today his ideal concept and vision for what a new and updated HomePod could look like in 2023. He first renamed it the HomePod Max, bringing Apple's audio nomenclature into the mix. He then added a gorgeous new beige color option and magenta tint to this new HomePod Max.

HomePod Max concept

But more importantly, he came up with the idea of ​​a new interactive touchscreen on top of the HomePod Max and named it homeOS. The original HomePod and the current HomePod Mini have a touchpad at the top of the device that allows you to control the HomePod to a certain extent:

  • Turn on Siri, long press
  • play/pause any audio
  • volume up/down
  • some colors indicate HomePod status

Parker's vision for this new homeOS will elevate this interactivity to a level that will make much more visual sense for HomePod owners. Here are some of his ideas:

  • IOS-like calling interface
  • Timer with countdown ring
  • Homekit controls
  • < li>Intercom controls

  • Audio controls and visualizer
  • Bluetooth connectivity selection
  • Advanced

Parker provides a display that can be used as the primary way to interact with the HomePod, rather than using an iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device as the primary way to control the device.

Parker's homeOS concept

9to5Mac look

Looks like it's time for Apple to offer its customers a new version of a bigger, better sounding HomePod. Apple rarely takes a successful product like the HomePod off the shelves without a clear successor. Perhaps Apple wanted to go back to the drawing board because, while the HomePod had amazing sound quality, it lacked the features of a modern “smart” device. speaker (especially compared to Google and Alexa speakers)

What do you think? Should Apple release a new HomePod with an updated operating system? Or is HomePod Mini sufficient for now?

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