This Apple Watch Ultra strap takes a few weeks to ship, but you can find it sooner

For unknown reasons, the new Trail Loop for Apple Watch Ultra went on sale a few weeks after the Alpine Loop and Ocean. Stock has become more accessible over the last week, but there is one version that is still particularly hard to track.

Trail Loop is a lightweight Apple Watch Ultra band designed for runners that most closely resembles Apple's Sport Loop. The strap fastens with a hook and loop system (e.g. Velcro) and has a pull tab for easy fit adjustment.

Compared to the Sport Loop, the Trail Loop is super soft on your skin and includes matching metal lugs that pair perfectly with the Apple Watch Ultra. I tried one over the weekend and found it much more comfortable than the Alpine Loop and easier to put on than the Ocean strap.

Trail Loop comes in two sizes and three color combinations.

Sizes include small/medium or medium/large. Colors to choose from: yellow/beige, blue/grey and black/grey. At the time of writing, all three colors of the smaller version are already available for shipping or pickup, while the yellow and blue versions of the larger version are also ready for delivery.

The one strap that kept getting delayed is the medium/large version of the black and gray loop trail loop. Over the past few days, both pickup and delivery estimates have reached January. Shipments change frequently, and today delivery only takes about three weeks, with in-store pickup pushed back to December.

Amazon appears to have got its hands on some black and gray Trail Loops M/L for the Apple Watch Ultra, which are expected to arrive as early as Monday, November 13th. Compare that to Apple's free shipping. option that applies to December 2, and in recent days, shipping estimates in January have been submitted.

The 49mm Trail Loop is also compatible with 45mm Apple Watch models. Are you a Trail Loop user or would you like to give it a try? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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