Things Task Manager adds adjustable text size with responsive layout on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Cultured Code is adding a much-requested feature to its task management app Things: adjustable text size. As of version 3.18, Things is specifically designed to respond to different text sizes without compromising the presentation of information.

New version of Things Part of this is achieved by replacing application icons are vector graphics that respond smoothly to changing display sizes. A common problem, especially with large text sizes, is text being truncated or icons remaining static in size. Cultured Code says it has fine-tuned the layout in Things “so that everything scales beautifully.”

Things 3.18 will automatically respond to your system's text size on iPhone and iPad using Apple's feature dynamic type. This can be configured in Settings → Display & Gain. Brightness → Text Size or using the optional Dynamic Type control in Control Center. You can also increase or decrease the size of text in Things, regardless of the system text size, in Things Settings → Appearance.

Dynamic type hasn't arrived on the Mac yet, but Cultured Code has created Things for macOS. also adjustable. Things 3.18 includes 14 different text display sizes under Things → Settings → General. Find out more about the Things from the Cultured Code blog.

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