Things for macOS Sonoma adds new widgets, all of which are interactive and desktop-ready.

It's launch day for macOS Sonoma, and Cultured Code has released a new version of Things with widgets.

macOS 14 now offers the ability to place application widgets directly on the desktop. Previously, widgets were limited to the bottom of the Notification Center. Like iOS 17, macOS Sonoma also supports interactive widgets. We've come so far with the arrival of Dashboard in OS X, haven't we?

Things is ready for the event with a Sonoma-focused update that introduces two new widget formats for task management. application. Things has also made the entire set of widgets interactive so you can manage your task list without switching contexts.

For two new widget styles, Things takes advantage of the desktop-compatible Extra Large format. These new widgets can display a list you've selected or an upcoming schedule.

Things for macOS Sonoma are available now, and macOS Sonoma will be released to the general public in just a few hours.

Want to do more with Things? Last week, Cultured Code updated its iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch apps to fully support the new widget features as well as the new idle mode in iOS 17.

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