The larger 32-inch iMac Pro is rumored to hit store shelves in late 2024.

24-inch iMac

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The long-rumored big-screen iMac is still in development and is rumored to launch in late 2024.

After the iMac Pro's retirement, rumors swirled repeatedly that a larger iMac was on the way, and its popularity increased with the release of the 24-inch iMac.

In his latest Bloomberg newsletter, “Power On,” Mark Gurman discusses the larger iMac. Apple apparently planned to release a larger model soon after the 24-inch screen was introduced, but that didn't happen for reasons known only to itself.

Gurman now believes that the model is “still ready” to appear, with a release date of late 2024 or 2025. Gurman also adds that the model will have a 32-inch display, making it the largest in the world. Apple history.

Gurman's new announcements come shortly after similar predictions from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted a “higher-end iMac with a 32-inch mini-LED display” in 2025.

>Specific details of the model are obviously unclear. Presumably it will have an M3 processor variant and such a large screen, aimed more at the “professional” side of the market than the consumer one.

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