The French government has revealed the release date of iOS 17.1 at the end of October

The entire iPhone 12 line

The French radiation safety authority has published information about the upcoming release of iOS 17.1 for October 24 with fixes that will put an end to the controversy on iPhone 12 RF exposure and the potential threat of a recall.

As noted by iPhoneSoft, the French agency Agence Nationale Des Frequences (ANFR) published an update on the iPhone 12 situation on its website today, saying that iOS 17.1 will be available “no later than October 24.”

The update clears up confusion surrounding France's claim that the iPhone 12 reportedly exceeds the country's legal radio frequency exposure limit.

Although Apple no longer sells the iPhone 12, France has threatened to recall the model due to health concerns. While Apple has denied French allegations regarding radiation exposure on the iPhone 12 and provided documentation from international testing, it has promised to fix the problem with an update.

Apple has released a support document detailing how the French testing methodology differs from international standards. The document also states that the power reduction in iOS 17.1 will only affect customers in France.

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