The first Apple Watch with a micro-LED display will appear in late 2025

We have long been hearing rumors that Apple is using micro-LED displays in its products, but there are also such rumors. there is still no sign that this will happen any time soon. There are also rumors that the Apple Watch could be the first product to get the new display – and analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong Tech said in a recent report that this is still the case. According to him, the first Apple Watch with micro-LED will appear at the end of 2025.

Apple is working on an Apple Watch with micro-LEDs

Pu, who has sources in Apple's supply chain, stressed that many companies are exploring micro-LED technology from -for its advantages over modern display technologies. These include greater transparency, higher color saturation, better viewing angles, higher brightness, lower power consumption and longer lifespan. However, this comes at a high price.

Micro-LED displays are much more expensive than LCD, OLED or even mini-LED (which Apple currently uses in the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro). Because of this, mass production of devices with micro-LED displays is not yet possible, so for now micro-LEDs are only used in super-expensive TVs.

But in a few years, Apple plans to release its first device with a micro-LED display. Like other sources, Pu says the Apple Watch will be the first to use the new technology. A few months ago, TrendForce reported that the 2026 Apple Watch Ultra will be the first watch with a micro-LED display.

In his report, the analyst mentioned that an Apple Watch with micro-LEDs is expected. “already in the second half of 2025.” Of course, there is still a huge chance that this technology will be introduced in the 2026 models.

  • Apple's transition to micro-LEDs could take a decade to cover every product
    • Apple's transition to microLEDs could take a decade.
      • Apple's transition to microLEDs could take a decade li>

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