The Farrago 2 deck for Mac comes with 50 new features, including shortcuts and Stream Deck integration.

Rogue Amoeba is releasing a major update to Farrago, the great audio app for Mac. Farrago 2.0 includes 50 new features, from funny emojis to well-designed Stream Deck interactivity.

Faraggo debuted on Mac in January 2018, and Rogue Amoeba's Paul Cafasis says today's big update is more in the making two years. Faraggo makes it easy to store and play on-demand audio clips for things like podcasting, theater production, and other creative audio applications.

Audio playback in version 2.0 enhanced a new way to preview and test clips using the secondary audio output and improved fading controls. It's part of a new built-in editor that also lets you cut and trim audio without leaving the app.

Now it's also easier to find sound sources. Farrago can now play the sound sample loops that come with Garage and Logic Pro. If these apps are not installed, Farrago has integration with Freesound, which allows you to search for the clips you need right in the app.

Most importantly, you can now add emoji characters to audio clip snippets for easier use. identification. To be honest, assigning sounds to each emoji character sounds like it could be its own app.

Other important features allow you to automate and control your personal soundbar.

“Farrago is now provides many integrations in the Shortcuts app (available in MacOS 12 and later), ” Rogue Ameoba says. “Automate the use of Farrago, including volume adjustment, sound transitions and playback controls. You can also activate any shortcut you create directly from Farrago. Activate a shortcut when a tile is playing or stopped, when a set is selected, or even when an app is launched.”

And for Stream Deck Rogue Ameoba users “meticulously designed dynamic controls that visualize audio playback and tile images, and makes it easy to switch sets and customize other controls.”

Farrago 2 for Mac is $49 for new customers. Farrago 1 customers can upgrade with a $25 discount. Customers who purchased Farrago 1 this year can upgrade at no additional charge. Learn more about Farrago 2 at (or

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