The EU asks Apple to open everything to its competitors

European Commissioner Thierry Breton says the Digital Markets Act is just the beginning and Apple must open up its entire ecosystem to competitors.

The EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) was created to target large tech companies such as Apple and create a fairer business environment for everyone.The DMA became EU law in November 2022 and began to apply in May 2023 year, although it is still in the process of implementation.

According to Reuters, Thierry Breton has called on Apple to open up its hardware and software ecosystem.

“The next challenge for Apple and other big tech companies within the framework of the DMA, to open its gates to competitors,” he said. “Whether it's e-wallet, browsers or app stores, consumers using the Apple iPhone should be able to take advantage of competitive services from a range of providers.”

Breton said this after a meeting with Tim Cook in Brussels, where the Apple CEO was sure to repeat the company's arguments about security and privacy.

“EU regulation promotes innovation without compromising security and privacy,” Breton told Reuters.

Apple did not comment. Cook's trip to Brussels was not reported and he made no mention of his meeting with the EU commissioner. However, he tweeted about a meeting with Apple Store employees in the city.

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