The best portable power stations to turn on lights and charge your iPhone in an emergency

Find the best power plant for your needs


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Portable power stations come in all shapes and sizes. We have reviewed many of them and selected the most suitable for a wide range of emergency and everyday needs.

There are many types of portable chargers, from a tiny MagSafe battery to a powerful power station that can serve as backup power for an entire home. This review focuses on the mid-sized powerhouse class, which are larger than a power bank but still small enough to be considered portable.

We evaluate the power plant on several parameters: size, weight, number of ports, recharge rate and modernity. The best power plant will be somewhere in between, although users who need more power may want more skew.

Power plants are best used as emergency power supplies, travel power for extended periods away from the grid, and sometimes as uninterruptible power supplies. Of course, the use cases will change depending on the needs of the individual.

Best All Around Power Plant: EcoFlow Delta 2

EcoFlow Delta 2 is the ideal solution for portable power plants. It has plenty of ports, fast charging feature and great capacity for the price.

A balance of ports, capacity and portability

A 1024Wh battery can charge an iPhone 89 times or power a 120W fridge for 14 hours. Its X-Stream fast charging feature stands out in that it can charge the battery from 0% to 80% in just 50 minutes.

It has 15 ports: 4 USB-A, two 100W USB-C, six AC outlets, two DC5521 ports, and a car charging port. The battery can deliver 2200W when all ports are in use.

Input options include solar, car, and AC. The inputs can be used with a maximum input power of 1200W, including solar panels up to 500W.

Weighing 27 pounds, it's lighter than portable power plants with this power and feature set. Built-in handles make it easy to carry.

EcoFlow Delta 2 is available from the EcoFlow website for $899. Get it on Amazon for $899.

Honorable Mention

We usually post an alternate product selection here, but from the batteries we tested, did not find a suitable variant for their class. The EcoFlow station not only has excellent performance but is also very competitively priced.

Goal Zero's power doesn't match the competition

The closest analog we've tested is the Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. We love that it has cable storage under the flat lid, but there's not much else to love about this powerhouse.

It charges slowly, has a large and hot external power supply, and is much more expensive than the EcoFlow. However, that doesn't make it a bad option, just not the best.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1000x could be a smart choice for those actively investing in the Goal Zero ecosystem. Otherwise, we cannot recommend it.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1000X is available for purchase on the Goal Zero website for $1299.95. It's also available on Amazon for $1289.

Most premium power station: Bluetti AC200Max

< p>Blueetti AC200Max is at the top of the class of medium-sized power plants. If there was more carrying capacity or weight, it would need wheels.

If price doesn't matter, Blueetti has everything you need

This all-in-one powerhouse features multiple ports, wireless charging cradles, two expansion ports, 2048Wh power, and a NEMA TT-30 power outlet for motorhome use. The display has touch control, and all sockets are closed with dust covers.

This massive 62-pound battery pushes the boundaries of what can be considered portable. However, this is a great battery that can easily power you through a weekend hike or a long power outage.

Twice as much weight, twice as much capacity, but about 1/3 more expensive than EcoFlow. It can work with a 150W refrigerator for 10 hours, or keep a 10W light for 150 hours.

It has 16 ports: 120W car charger output, 360W Super DC output, 120W DC 5521 dual output, 100W USB-C PD 3.0 port, 18W USB-A dual ports, two USB-A 15W. A, four grounded AC outlets and a NEMA TT-30 outlet. The two 15W wireless chargers are non-magnetic, but trigger a MagSafe charging animation when the iPhone is placed.

Users can connect up to two Bluetti Battery Expansion Units, charge with a 120W power source using a car charger plug, or charge with a 500W power source. It takes about six hours to charge from scratch using the included 400W power bank.

The Bluetti AC200Max Expandable Power Station is on sale for $1,599 directly on the Bluetti website. It's also available on Amazon for $1,599 with a coupon on the page.

Best Budget/Most Portable Power Plant: Jackery Explorer 240

At the other end of the “middle” powerhouse spectrum are tiny lunchbox-sized batteries like the Jackery Explorer 240. Any smaller and this product will fall into the category of battery packs used to power smartphones.

Jackery Explorer 240 offers useful ports in a tiny package

This 6.6 lb battery packs a 240 Wh capacity with two USB-A ports, a power outlet, and a car charger port. It can charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro twice or an iPhone about 25 times.

It's not big enough to power a significant load like a refrigerator, at least not for long. This device is best used as a charging station for limited outdoor excursions or as an emergency power source to keep your iPhone running during a power outage.

Despite its small size, it takes about 5.5 hours to charge with the included AC adapter. Also available are 60W solar panels that can fully charge the battery in about 7 hours.

The advantage of this size class is its exceptional portability over capacity. For example, it can power an electric wheelchair to keep things moving long enough to reach a dedicated outlet.

The Jackery Explorer 240 is available from the Jackery website for $219. It's also available on Amazon for $180.39 at time of publishing.

Runner-up: DBPower portable power station

< p>Although not as versatile as the Jackery Explorer, we wanted to highlight the DBPower portable power station. Port selection could be better, but having two sets of lamps makes it a great portable option.

Great low cost light powerhouse

250 ​​Wh power and only 4.4 lbs. There are three USB-A ports, a 12V DC outlet and an AC outlet. It has a DC input and, inexplicably, a 15W USB-C input for charging.

Lunch box comparison fits this model thanks to the folding handle on top. Turn on the light and carry it like a small flashlight, or double-charge your 16-inch MacBook Pro on long walks from dedicated outlets.

Buy DBPower portable power station directly from DBPower website for $179.99. It's on sale at the time of this writing, with a regular retail price of $219.99.

Amazon is offering a $50 off coupon for a limited time. Its listed price is $179.99 but can be purchased for $129.99 with coupon — Excellent value for money and quality.

Which portable power station should I buy?

The decision about which power plant to buy depends on its intended use case. Avid hikers or motorhome owners will benefit from the Bluetti AC200Max, while occasional fishing enthusiasts may only need the Jackery Explorer.

Choose based on your needs

If you are simply looking for the best power plant that combines features and price, we recommend the EcoFlow Delta 2. By For the price you can't beat its excellent port selection, fast recharging speed and capacity.

The big batteries are also great for backing up in case of a power outage. If you live in a region prone to power outages, running your refrigerator for a few more hours can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a costly disaster.

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