The Best MagSafe Wallets for the Holiday Season 2022

Black Apple MagSafe wallet in brown leather case.


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The launch of MagSafe with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X brought a new look to iPhone accessories. Here are the best holiday MagSafe snap-on wallet options.

Like other accessories, some brands are trying to create products that combine quality, price and design. Unfortunately, many do not meet even one of these requirements.

However, we have uncovered the best of the best MagSafe wallets. Here are the best options you can buy for the 2022 holiday season.

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Apple in- The house MagSafe leather wallet remains one of the best options, especially with an NFC chip that supports Find Me. The quality, Find Me feature and looks make it one of the best.

Apple MagSafe Forest Green wallet in dark brown leather case.

The Find My feature alerts you to your last known location if you are separated from your wallet. It works with iPhone 12 and later, but Clear Case 12 is not compatible. Otherwise, the leather cases that Apple sells look great with this wallet.

The Apple MagSafe Wallet is available in a variety of colors and, like the case, is made from tanned and treated European leather with strong built-in magnets. It contains three cards and retails for $59. However, AppleInsider often finds them cheaper!

vCommute Pro with MagSafe compatible wallet

vCommute Pro with MagSafe Compatible Wallet is an all-in-one case and wallet package with more features than the competition. It is difficult to refuse such strong packaging.

vCommute Pro with MagSafe compatible wallet.

Vena makes the vCommute Pro and detachable wallet out of durable military-grade two-layer polycarbonate. It can hold up to three cards, and strong magnets ensure it stays securely in the case.

The detachable MagSafe wallet makes it compatible with all MagSafe accessories. The wallet provides easy access to cards thanks to a flip-top lid that doubles as a stand. You can choose one for $35.

Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet

Gorgeous Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet showcase elegance and functionality with a MagSafe wallet design that matches the case. Despite the price, the feeling of luxury will win you over!

Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet go together perfectly.

Both the case and wallet are MagSafe compatible, which means you can use all your accessories without removing the case. However, the wallet only works with a case, as the extra magnets keep it secure, making it one of the most practical wallets on the market.

The Bellroy Mod Wallet only holds three cards, but is made from leather in a variety of colors and designs of your choice. Enjoy even more security with a flap that completely hides your cards and is accessible with a latch on the side. The case and wallet are sold together for a retail price of $99.

Spigen MagFit Wallets

For those who struggle between design and utility, Spigen is creating two MagFit wallets. you need to add to your collection — one foldable and one sturdy model.

Spigen MagFit wallets come in two versions— durable and triple.

The secure version of Spigen MagFit wallets has a convenient port for accessing your cards, which can hold two cards. The carbon fiber design is attractive, and the $24.99 price on Amazon is more affordable than other MagSafe wallets.

Slim, triple-folding design quickly transforms into a stand that holds your iPhone in both portrait and landscape orientations. Because it stacks, this model hides your cards instead of leaving them exposed. Like the rugged model, it can carry two cards and is made from faux leather.

Although it is more expensive than the secure version, it is priced at $39.99 on Amazon, which is quite reasonable.

Abby's AirTag MagSafe Wallet

Many Apple users complain about the lack of quality AirTag-enabled MagSafe wallets. Abby's AirTag MagSafe Wallet stands out as one of the few quality options out there.

The Abby AirTag MagSafe Wallet is a quality, trackable option.

Abby's MagSafe Wallet has an AirTag compartment that snaps shut to prevent the tag from falling out. It has room for three cards, and the leather wallet comes in black, green, red, brown, yellow, and blue.

The Abby AirTag Wallet uses strong MagSafe magnets to attach to your phone, unlike other models that are separate wallets. While it doesn't come with AirTag, you can buy a $33 wallet from Abby's website and save a couple of dollars on the AirTag itself on Amazon.

BullStrap MagSafe Wallet

The BullStrap MagSafe Wallet combines stunning Apple design with improved material quality . using premium quality leather.

BullStrap's MagSafe wallet is almost identical to the Apple wallet, only with better leather.

The design of the BullStrap MagSafe wallet has an opening on the back for quick removal of the three cards it can hold. It has quality stitching and, like the Apple version, comes in colors that look great when paired with a matching case.

BullStrap's MagSafe Wallet looks great, but at $53 it competes with Apple's in-house product but doesn't offer NFC tracking capabilities. If it's not a big selling point, the leather's excellent workmanship makes it one of the best options on the market.

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