The best early Black Friday deals on Apple TV 4K, AirPods, iPad, MagSafe and more.

Best Black Friday Early Deals on Apple TV 4K, AirPods, iPad, MagSafe, MoreMonday Nov 14, 2022 6:18 AM PST by Mitchel Broussard Weeks, we started to see a lot of great deals on Apple products, like the early Black Friday discounts that we split on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. In this post, we're focusing less on a specific device and more on Apple as a whole, with holiday discounts covering Apple TV 4K, iPad, AirPods Pro, MagSafe accessories, and more.

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Buyers should note that while many of the offers below are current record low prices, there are no guarantees that we won't see any steeper discounts later this month or in December. Sales of Apple products often fluctuate around the holidays, so the best thing you can do is strike while the iron is hot during these price events.

Apple TV 4K (2021)

$79 OFF Apple TV 4K (2021, 32GB) for $99.99.

The 2021 Apple TV 4K has been heavily discounted since the summer, and prices have dropped even further since the announcement of the new 2022 Apple TV 4K models. . Right now on Amazon, you can get the 2021 Apple TV 4K 32GB for $99.99, a $79 discount and an all-time low price.

Apple TV 4K ( 2022)

$4 OFF Apple TV 4K (2022, 64GB) for $124.99.

If you want the latest Apple TV 4K, you can't save that much money, but Amazon still has a small deal. You can get a 64GB 2022 Apple TV 4K for $124.99, up from $129.00. The 128GB Apple TV 2022 4K model is also available at a small discount.

MagSafe Battery

$28 OFF $71.00 MagSafe Battery

Amazon has a new all-time low price MagSafe battery available for $71, up from $99. This accessory is rarely discounted, so now is the time to get the best deal on the battery.

MagSafe Duo Charger

$26 OFF $103 MagSafe Duo Charger < /p>

Update: Expired

Another MagSafe accessory, the MagSafe Duo Charger, is now up to $103 on Amazon, up from its original price of $129. This is the first time we've tracked a MagSafe Duo Charger deal in over a month.

AirPods Pro 2

$15 OFF AirPods Pro 2 for $229.99

Update: Amazon has sweetened this deal and lowered the price of the AirPods Pro 2 even further to $229.99.

Apple just released the second generation AirPods Pro and Amazon got the earphones for $15 off in a few weeks. This is the second best price, but still a solid discount on a brand new accessory.

10.9-inch iPad (2022)

$50 OFF 10.9″ iPad (64 GB, Wi-Fi) -Fi) for $399.00

Update: expired

B&H Photo is offering the first major discount on just released 10.9-inch iPad priced at $399.00 (64GB Wi-Fi) down from $449.00. At the time of writing, this deal is only available from B&H Photo and only in blue.

iPad Pro 11-inch (2022)

$50 OFF iPad Pro 11″ ( 128GB Wi-Fi) -Fi) for $749.00

Amazon is offering the first notable discount on the new iPad Pro line, as well as a $50 savings on the 11-inch iPad Pro with Wi-Fi on 128 GB. To date, this is the only new iPad Pro covered by the deal, and B&H Photo is priced to match Amazon's price.

iPad Mini 6

$99 OFF iPad mini 6 (64GB, Wi-Fi ) for $399.99

You can get the iPad mini 6 with 64GB Wi-Fi for the all-time low $399.99 right now on Amazon for a $99 off tablet 2021. It's still the best deal we've ever seen on the iPad mini 6 and right now it's only on sale on Amazon.

Studio Display

$100 OFF Studio Display ( standard glass) for $1499.00

For Apple displays, we track the best prices for Studio Display with standard glass on Amazon and B&H Photo. It sells for $1,499, which is $100 less than its original price. The nanotexture glass option is also available for $100 off B&H Photo.

Pro Display XDR

$500 OFF Pro Display XDR (Nano Texture Glass) for $5,499

We keep track of all the best Apple-related deals of the season in our Black Friday roundup, so be sure to check back throughout the month for an updated a list of all the most notable discounts you'll find on Black Friday 2022.

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