The best apps to read library books on iPhone and iPad


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The way you access library books has changed dramatically. You can access a huge amount of borrowed content through the app for iPhone or iPad — here's how.

Public libraries are bundled with some of the best apps available on your iOS devices. If you are interested in reading books without additional fees and charges, consider reconnecting to your local public library.

Here are the best apps for reading library books on your iPhone or iPad right now.


Libby is one of the best apps for reading library books on iOS devices.

Libby, an award-winning reading app developed by Overdrive, allows users around the world, millions of people, to read books from their library for free. Libby can not only read books, but also play audio books.

Libby is free to install and does not require a subscription. All users need besides downloading the app is a valid library card. Libby works with public libraries that use Overdrive.

In fact, over 90% of public libraries in North America use Libby, and Libby can be found in 78 countries around the world. Contact your local library for library ticket requirements.

Search for your local library at

Over 90% of public libraries in North America use Libby.

A Some of the cool features available in Libby include the ability to read across devices and sync your reading progress with your iOS devices. Libby also provides offline access where users can download ebooks and audiobooks or stream them to save space.

With Libby, users can listen in their cars and enjoy audiobooks via Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth connections.

For Kindle lovers, Libby app users will only be able to read their e-books on their Kindle devices from US libraries.

Libby offers a variety of reading options with an extensive collection spanning everything from classics to New York Times bestsellers. Titles are selected and curated based on community interests.

Users get a highly customizable reading experience where users can easily adjust font size, layout, lighting, etc.

For users of the audiobook feature, Libby's audiobook player is also intuitive and beautifully designed.

Libby users will have access to over 273,000 titles in their catalog of 166 different — Browse, search, discover thousands of eBooks and audiobooks, selected by your local libraries and available for your reading pleasure through Libby.

Visit the Libby Help Center for step-by-step instructions on how to get started. The app is free on the App Store for iOS and iPad.


Another great app to learn is Hoopla. Like Libby, Hoopla is a free library book reader app.

Hoopla gives users the ability to always have their public library at hand. With Hoopla, users can borrow and explore not only audiobooks and e-books, but Hoopla provides access to comics, movies, TV shows, magazines, and music from iOS devices.

Hoopla gives you access to books, comics, movies and more.

All you need to access Hoopla's many resources is a valid library card. Contact your local library for library ticket requirements.

Some of the most intriguing features available through Hoopla include the ability to sync across devices and stream content immediately or download and save for later. Most of the titles are available for download on your iPhone and iPad.

Hoopla offers rich content in more places than other digital library platforms, with free content available through your local public library. The names vary depending on the library catalog.

Hoopla users will have instant access to millions of audiobooks, e-books, comics and more— all free with your library card with access to resources from thousands of library systems from “Ohio to Australia”.

Hoopla is free for iOS and iPad.

BorrowBox — for users in the UK

BorrowBox is another great app for users of library books in the UK to help users rethink how to tap into their local libraries.

BorrowBox helps UK users connect with their local libraries.

With BorrowBox, users can easily borrow ebooks and audiobooks by simply downloading the app on their iOS devices . . BorrowBox offers app users a wide range of curated and hot titles.

BorrowBox claims to offer the best range of digital content, “carefully crafted and curated”, and deliver the best user experience. BorrowBox app users in the UK can join their local public library and install the app to start borrowing eBooks and audiobooks for free.

UK BorrowBox users can download it to their iOS devices to connect to local libraries.

Library card requirements

Library card requirements may vary depending on the application. The good news is that many public libraries offer users the option to register for a library card online.

However, as with the old requirements for a physical reader card, you will probably need to verify your physical address in order to receive a reader card. The public library in my area requested a photo of a government-issued photo ID and/or an invoice or letter with current name and address.

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