The 10 Best MacBook Deals on Black Friday Weekend

Best Black Friday Weekend Deals Include MacBook Discounts.


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Black Friday Weekend Deals provide impressive discounts on Apple MacBooks. We've rounded up the best options for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lines.

Black Friday is technically over, but the weekend promotions are in full swing. To make your holiday shopping a little easier, we've rounded up the top 10 Black Friday MacBook deals over the weekend.

Take advantage of limited discounts from reputable Apple resellers, check out our Mac Pricing Guide, and look for the green price tag icon next to selected prices to display coupon information.

$799 Macbook Air

This is a $949 MacBook Air offering $250 savings.

The $949 Macbook Air Exclusive Deal is on, giving you 16- gigabyte model in the hands of customers who are looking for the best MacBook Air deal for Black Friday. Unlike the standard $799 model with 8GB of storage, this higher-end configuration has double the storage for an additional $150.

Best M1 MacBook Air promotions

  • MacBook Air M1 (7-core GPU) 8GB 256GB: $799.99 ($200 off) at Amazon
  • M1 MacBook Air (7-core GPU) 16GB , 256GB: $949.99 ($250 off) + $40 off AppleCare with promo code APINSIDER at Adorama

M2 MacBook Air

Each MacBook Air M2 comes with a coupon.

Those looking for great battery life and support for only one external display should check it out pay attention to the 2022 MacBook Air from Apple. . Each model equipped with the Apple Silicon M2 chip is currently on sale up to $200 off with promo code APINSIDER at Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama.

Top Macbook Air M2 Deals

  • MacBook Air M2 (8C GPU, 8GB, 256GB): $1049 ($150 off) + $40 AppleCare promo code APINSIDER at Adorama
  • M2 MacBook Air (10C GPU, 16GB, 1TB): $1,699 ($200 off) with promo code APINSIDER at Adorama

14″ MacBook Pro

Updated configurations discounted this Black Friday weekend.

Apple's 14-inch MacBook Pro is a great choice for business users on the go. It can perform grueling tasks such as image editing in Adobe Photoshop — and portable enough to carry in your laptop bag with ease.

Best 14″ MacBook Pro Deals

    < li >14″ MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 8C CPU, 14C GPU, 16GB, 512GB): $1,599.99 ($400 off)
  • 14″ MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 8C CPU) , 14C GPU, 32GB, 512GB ) Space Gray: $2,099 ($454 off + $70 off) with promo code APINSIDER at Adorama
  • 14-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 10C CPU, 16C GPU, 16GB, 1TB) Silver: $2,445 ($454 off + $70 off) with promo code APINSIDER at Adorama

16″ MacBook Pro

Save $100 on 16″ Apple's MacBook Pro.

For those looking for an extra screen, the 16-inch MacBook Pro has more storage to choose from and memory — everything is discounted in our 16-inch MacBook Pro price guide.

Savings on a 16″ MacBook Pro

  • 16- inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 10C CPU, 16C GPU, 16GB, 512GB): $1,999 ($500 off)
  • 16-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 10C CPU, 16C GPU, 16GB, 1TB) Silver: $1949 ($550 off) + $80 off AppleCare) with promo code APINSIDER
  • 16″ MacBook Pro (M1 Pro 10C CPU, 16C GPU , 32GB, 512GB): $2,599 ($300 off)

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