Thanksgiving Deals: Apple Magic Keyboards starting at $249, Apple Watch Series 8 at $50 off, and more.

Happy Thanksgiving! All of today's best deals are now available, headlined by $50 discounts on Apple Magic Keyboards. For the first time in months, discounts are $249. Speaking of rare deals, the latest M1 Mac mini is now $149 off after months of retail sale. And then to close out deals, Apple Watch Series 8 models return to all-time lows starting at $349. Get all this and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

Apple Magic Keyboards now cost 50 dollars. Black Friday Discount

Joining all the iPad discounts, Amazon today provides the very first opportunities to save on Apple's latest Magic Keyboards as the new M2 devices were released in October as part of the best Thanksgiving deals. Starting with the 12.9-inch model, the price drops to $299. for both white and black styles. You'd pay $349 more regularly, and today's offer gives you the opportunity to save $50 for the first time since early September. This matches our previous mention and is one of the best prices ever. Designed for both the latest iterations of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, including the new M2 model and the original M1 model, the Magic Keyboard comes with the accessory's signature floating hinge and Smart Connector support, as well as a dedicated USB-C charging port. port. The folio form factor includes a backlit keyboard and trackpad that enhance iPadOS in both black and white. Read more in our hands-on review.

If you're using Apple's 11-inch iPad Pro M2 or M1, you can also take advantage of the discount marked on your compatible Magic Keyboard. Right now, Amazon is offering the accessory marked $249 in both black and white styles, providing the second best discount to date, within $10 of the all-time low. . In addition to being designed for the smaller of Apple's latest iPad Pros, as well as the new iPad Air 5, it has all the same features as the main deal.

Save Hundreds On A Lifetime Rosetta Stone Subscription With Our $127 2-Day Discount

Roborock Launches Black Friday Savings Promotion

You can get a great deal on a new robot vacuum cleaner ahead of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday with a Roborock S7 discount along with a dozen other models. Here's the full list.

  • S7 37% – $649.99 $409.99 (11-4.12)
  • S7+ 28%-  $949.99 $679.99 (December 24, 11-4)
  • S7MaxV 26% – $859.99 $639.99 (December 24,11-4) 12)
  • S7MaxV+ 25% Off – $1,159.99 $869.99 (Nov 24-12)
  • S7MaxV Ultra 24% Off – $1,399.99 – $1,059.99 (November 24-12)
  • /4)

  • E5MOP 44% – $359.99 $199.99 (24-12/4)
  • Dyad 30% – $449.99 379.99 $ (20.11-4.12)
  • S5Max 31% Off – $549.99 $379.99 (November 1-30)
  • E5 8% Off –  ;$289.99 $179.99 (Nov 24-30)< /li>
  • Q5 30% – $429.99 $299.99 (20-12 /4)
  • 5 sq.+ 31%% discount – $699.99 $479.99 ( 20-12/4)
  • Q7+&nbsp ;31% ​​off – $799.99 $549.99 (4/20-12)
  • Q7Max 33% off- $599.99 $399.99 ( Dec 20-11-4)
  • Q7Max+ 31% Off – $869.99 $599.99 (Dec 20-11-4)

< h2>Apple Watch Series 8 Returns to All-Time Low Best Thanksgiving Deals

As Black Friday discounts begin to roll out, Amazon is now offering the best prices on the Apple Watch Series 8 for Thanksgiving. The 45mm GPS style is currently on sale at a discounted price of  $379. only the second time, saving $50, a record low compared to the regular current rate at 429 US dollars. Those who want to save money can also save on 41mm style GPS, which costs $349 from its regular price of $399. 

< p>The Apple Watch Series 8 is the next generation of wearable devices that delivers Apple's most comprehensive set of fitness tracking features. Well, except for the new Ultra model. With an Always On display, you'll find a new S8 powerhouse chip that drives an improved gyroscope and accelerometer for crash detection. The built-in temperature sensor is combined with nighttime sleep tracking as well as built-in heart rate sensor, ECG functions and blood oxygen monitoring.

Save Hundreds On Your Rosetta Stone Lifetime Subscription With Our $127 2-Day Deal

The Annual EcoFlow Black Friday Sale Begins!

The EcoFlow Black Friday Sale is already on, so it's already on. the perfect time to make a deal on a portable power source and an EcoFlow solar panel. Every order over $5000 will come with a free DELTA mini (usually retail price $999) and every order over $3000 will get a free RIVER mini (usually retail price $349). Get an extra 8% off with code EFBF8OFF. 

  • RIVER mini $189 (46% OFF)
  • RIVER 2$219 (8% OFF)
  • DELTA 2 $899 (10% OFF)
  • DELTA Max $1599 (24% OFF)
  • DELTA Pro $3199 (18% OFF) %)
  • DELTA Pro + Dual Fuel Generator$4,299 (19% OFF)
  • 110W Solar Panel< /strong> $199 (50% OFF)

< h2>Apple's latest 512GB M1 Mac mini goes on sale for the first time in months

Amazon is now offering a rare opportunity to save money on Apple's latest M1 Mac mini. The popular compact macOS machine has barely been running as prices have been dropping all autumn, but now, on Black Friday, it's dropping in price for the first time in months. Discount on 512 GB model up to $749.99 with shipping, you're looking at the second best price to date compared to its regular current price of $899. This $149 price cut is the first we've seen since August, and it's a notable workstation upgrade that's just $1 off an all-time low. latest Mac mini  is a great option for those who want a more affordable way to experience macOS. Its compact size won't take up any space on your desk, but it also allows you to connect a monitor of your choice to suit your workstation's requirements. Its 512GB of internal storage is also supported by 8GB of RAM, as well as a pair of Thunderbolt ports and an HDMI output. And since the new M2 model is not in the current model range, it is the best option with such compact dimensions. Find out more in our launch report.

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