Tesla Museum exhibit hints at support for Apple Music

Tesla Infotainment Screen


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A Tesla used as a museum piece seems to hint that Apple Music support for the built-in infotainment system may finally be coming.

The Tesla Model S Long Range is part of the car company's exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. While the show brings together cars from the company's history and explores its technology, the single car's interface may be of interest to Apple users.

A picture of the inside of one of the Tesla vehicles, taken by founder Aaron Cash and posted on Twitter, shows the Apple Music icon as part of the main interface. The second image shows a QR code that, when scanned, redirects users to the page used to link an Apple Music account to specific devices.

This exhibit is meant to allow visitors to sit inside and try out its features, Cash said, and that it is a demo vehicle, not a full-fledged vehicle. . Cash adds that he was using modified firmware, not the public version.

The appearance at the show may mean that Apple Music may still be on the cards in a future update, but there is no guarantee that this will actually happen.

While this is a desired feature for a future Tesla update, Apple Music support was previously teased but not added. In December 2020, a placeholder music source called “Apple” was thought to mean Apple Music support would be coming soon, but according to TeslaNorth, the links to the code were removed after a few months.

Tired of waiting, one developer released the Tesla Android project in May, giving frustrated users the ability to add CarPlay by streaming interactive video from a nearby Raspberry Pi over Wi-Fi to the built-in browser. .

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