Taking a look at Apple's new iPhone 15 Pro Blue Titanium [Gallery]

Today Apple officially unveiled the new iPhone 15 series. In particular, everyone is screaming and raving about how great the Natural Titanium style is, including our own Chance Miller. Meanwhile, I'm absolutely thrilled with Apple's new Blue Titanium style.

It was all hands on deck Here we talk about today's iPhone 15 launch. Some of us at 9to5 have already weighed in with our thoughts, and now I'm chiming in to share my first impressions of the iPhone 15 Pro—mostly the Blue Titanium color scheme.

When I told everyone the style of Apple's new phone I pre-ordered last week, I heard every joke in the book about fingerprints. Many first impressions back in Cupertino noted how brand magnet the Blue Titanium style was, so I knew what I was getting myself into. But after almost half a day with the new smartphone, I would say that the rumors are greatly exaggerated.

In any case, this is a very noticeable update! I have a blue iPhone 14 Pro. Its stainless steel bumper was so bad at resisting fingerprints that if you gestured at it so much, the smartphone would get smudged up and down the sides. In comparison, the 15 Pro's titanium rails are much more resistant to stains.

So, if you want to get yourself that shiny new blue iPhone but are worried about fingerprints ruining its pristine aesthetics, I'm here to tell you that it's not as bad as what you'll read online.

Otherwise, I'm in the same boat as my colleagues. I like the rounded edges that Apple has used this time. The iPhone 15 Pro feels almost soft, which is very strange for a smartphone made of titanium. Thinner bezels may seem like a small upgrade, but after spending just a few hours on the new design, going back to the 14 Pro's display already feels jarring. I'm also enjoying experimenting with the Action button, much more than I initially expected.

The blue color is very similar to last year's color scheme. It's a darker tone than we've seen in some of the brighter and sky blue tones that have graced previous smartphones. I like that the back is not as glossy compared to last year's model, and I think the matching guides are much nicer than the stainless steel ones before.

Overall, I like the direction in which which Apple went with this year's release. Perhaps next year the Pro series will return to a brighter shade, but for now I'm quite happy with the final product. It may not be the fancy natural titanium everyone is talking about, but I'm more than happy to take the blue route for another year with the iPhone 15 Pro.

If you… Would like to see the full unboxing experience What Apple has in store this time, today we took a closer look at the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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