T-Mobile says Ultra 5G capacity is now available to 300 million people

Over the past few years, T-Mobile has been actively working to create the most powerful and dense 5G network. Now Uncarrier says it has reached a major milestone: super-strong 5G coverage for 300 million Americans.

T-Mobile Just Cleared Ookla&# Wireless Research companies 8217; ranked first in every category in the third quarter compared to Verizon and AT&T.

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T-Mobile has now announced that the rollout of Ultra Performance 5G coverage is complete for most Americans.

T-Mobile has reached its goal of end of the year to reach 300 million people with ultra high-capacity 5G (5G UC) networks, months ahead of schedule.

The Uncarrier also highlighted that, including 5G Extended Range, 330 million Americans are covered – this nearly the entire US population (T-Mobile says it currently has 116 million customers).

Here's a look at the latest coverage map:

Last summer we also saw the launch of T- Mobile with speeds up to 3.3 Gbps with more limited 5G SA Ultra coverage capacity.

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    Another benefit of deploying even more 5G coverage and capacity is that the availability of T-Mobile 5G home internet is likely to increase. Last we heard, it was available to more than 50 million customers.

    While T-Mobile has seen a lot of positive momentum, several negative developments lately include a large round of layoffs in August, another data breach in September and confusion around the old prices for the unlimited plan in October.

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