T-Mobile reportedly suffered third data breach in 12 months [Update: T-Mobile Retailer]

In other T-Mobile news that's sure to give you deja vu, deja vu, deja vu, the company is reportedly the victim of a third data breach. year, when more than 90 GB of employee and customer information was stolen. And in case you haven't been keeping track, this is the company's eighth major breach since 2018.

Update: New information suggests the data breach does not affect T-Mobile itself, but independent retailer T -Mobile called ConnectivitySource. The data in the leak “pertains to an independent authorized retailer,” he said. T-Mobile told 9to5Mac. T-Mobile employee data has not been disclosed.

ConnectivitySource is one of the company's largest authorized retailers, operating in 38 US states. The hackers also collected about 146,109 audio recordings of customer calls to stores, says vx-underground.

The attackers posted the stolen databases on the notorious BreachForum cybercriminal forum. They claim that 90 GB of PII information belongs to T-Mobile employees, including login credentials, partial Social Security numbers (SSNs) and email addresses, as well as company sales and analytics data, customer service calls and other data. information.

According to malware researchers from vx-underground, who were the first to point out the hack on Twitter (X), the incident occurred in April 2023.

Why exactly did the attackers wait several months , before the data breach occurred but is unknown.

Unfortunately, data breaches are almost the norm at T-Mobile. This particular incident occurred shortly after the second T-Mobile hack of 2023 last March and follows a massive incident in January 2023 that exposed the personal information of approximately 37 million customers.

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention reports from earlier this week about customers seeing other users' personal data when logged in your accounts.

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