T-Mobile 'Phone Freedom' brings back two-year contracts and more hotspot data

Phone Freedom by T-Mobile


T-Mobile has announced an initiative called Freedom of the Phone that offers a new upgrade plan and ways to make switching from other carriers easier.

As Verizon and AT&T moved from two-year plans to three-year contacts, T-Mobile is positioning its upgrade as another step that it says will free people from carrier ties and hidden contract changes. . The Phone Freedom program includes three measures to support new and existing customers.

First, the new Go5G Plus plan promises customers the ability to upgrade to a new phone every two years. As a version of the company's Magenta MAX plan, it provides 50 GB of high-speed data at hotspots and 15 GB of high-speed data in Mexico and Canada each month.

If customers choose the auto-pay payment method for the Go5G Plus plan, they can save about $120 per year on two lines. Customers can also get Go5G Plus with a third line for free for a limited time.

Next, Easy Unlock allows people to trade in their carrier-locked T-Mobile smartphone and get a new device. The carrier will still pay up to $650 per phone using a prepaid card from Mastercard.

For example, new and existing customers can receive an iPhone 14 when they trade in an eligible device on a Go5G Plus plan through 24 monthly credit bills.

For customers who switch to T-Mobile but are not satisfied with the service, the Carrier Return Guarantee will help move to another company by offering a refund of $50 per call to cover billing costs. if people decide to leave within 30 days.

Finally, with Phone Freedom available April 23rd, T-Mobile is lowering the prices of its Essentials plan. Soon it will cost $25/month for a family of four, or $50/month for a single line.

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