Spotify Launches Wrapped 2022 With Personal Listening Test Along With Your Favorite Music

The popular Spotify Wrapped interface is now available, bringing together all of your most popular tracks, artists, genres and more. This year there is also a contest “Listening Personality” take the quiz to find out what your taste in music says about you.

Spotify announced Wrapped 2022 in their blog. this morning:

“2022 Wrapped is a celebration of the past year and an invitation to join in the fun. It's all about the two-way connections that connect millions of creators and fans every day through audio. We know no two listeners are alike, which is why 2022 Wrapped invites you to look into your vibrant sonic kaleidoscope and show it to the world. Take an inside look at everything #SpotifyWrapped has to offer, from our yearly top lists to the music genres and personality types that define your experience.”

Spotify Wrapped 2022 is now available

Spotify Wrapped shows you all sorts of interesting statistics about what you've been listening to over the past year. This includes your top artists, songs, and podcasts. You can also view the total “listening minutes” for the year. 

More on Spotify Wrapped :< /p>

  • Top 100 Songs
  • Top 5 Artists
  • Top 5 Podcasts
  • Top 5 Genres
  • And much more

Listening Test

New this year is the Spotify Listening Test. It's like Myers-Briggs, only for music. Here's how Spotify describes it:

“Your Listening Personality is a new feature that not only tells you about the music you listen to, but also what it says about your musical tastes. a whole new level of personalization and insight into the entire Wrapped experience.

If you love personality tests – and who doesn't – you'll love diving into the 16 possible listener personality types we created for Wrapped 2022. ”

Learn more about Listening Personalities in the Spotify ad and app.

How to get Spotify Wrapped 2022

  • Spotify Wrapped 2022 is out today exclusive on the Spotify app for iOS and Android
  • Make sure you have the latest version from the App Store, then go to the Home tab – you can’read your personal experience with Wrapped 2022 here.
  • Come visit later if you don't see Wrapped yet

Using Apple Music?< /h2>

If you're an Apple Music user, be sure to check out our complete guide to Replay 2022:

  • Apple Music Replay 2022 is here: How to find your best songs, artists, albums and more

Top artists and more on Spotify

Spotify has also shared details on the top artists, songs, albums and podcasts around the world:

  • Most streamed artists in the world:Become the first artist to top Spotify's Most Popular Artists list. -Three years in a row, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny has been ranked No. 1 as the most played artist in the world, generating over 18.5 billion streams that year. Second in popularity artist – and Most Popular Female Artist of the Year – this is Taylor Swift (#2), followed by Drake (#3), The Weeknd (#4) and BTS< /strong> (#5).
  • Most played songs from around the world: Most played song of 2022 – Harry Styles' international hit As It Was” that has over 1.6 billion streams worldwide this year. In second and third places respectively are Heat Waves by Glass Animals (#2) and for the second year in a row STAY (with Justin Bieber) by The Kid LAROI < /strong> (#3). Fourth and fifth places went to Bad Bunny with Me Porto Bonito (No. 4) and Tití Me Preguntó (No. 5). ) completes the list.
  • Most played albums from around the world: Most streamed artist Bad Bunny also tops list – streaming list of albums with Un Verano Sin Ti (#1) followed by Harry Styles third studio album, Harry's House< /strong>(#2). Like last year's world leaders, SOUR Olivia Rodrigo (#3), Ed Sheeran= (#4), and Planet Her of Doja Cat's (#5) are back at number three, four and five, respectively.
  • Most Played Artists. As for the trade, Taylor Swift ranks as the artist with the most music uploads from Spotify to social platforms. The Weeknd is in second place, followed by Bad Bunny in third place. 4th Artist – BTS and Lana Del Rey close the top 5.
  • Most Popular Lyrics : “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals is the number one song with the most played lyrics in the world, followed by “Heather” by Conan Grey. (#2). The Walters I Love You So takes third place. Lana Del Rey's “Summertime Sadness” (#4) and Keane's Somewhere Only We Know (#5) complete the top five.
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  • Most Popular Podcasts. When it comes to podcasts, The Joe Rogan Experience (#1) is ranked #1 most popular podcast of the year globally. In second and third place are Call Her Daddy (#2) and Everything Goes with Emma Chamberlain (#3), followed by thrillers/crime series such as < strong>Caso 63. (All languages, #4) and Criminal Addict (#5).

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